In an effort to provide an easier, more user-friendly print service to our University guests, we have improved the guest printing process. Please see below for more information.

  1. Register a Print Account
  2. Visit the University Tech Shop to Add Funds and Get a Copy Card
  3. Print from a Sites Computer
  4. Check your Balance and More
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Register a Print Account

Do you already have a uniqname? If so, please add your uniqname to our print system by visiting this page, and clicking the "Join Now" button. If not, please register a new guest account. By registering, you gain access to many of the same features as students, faculty, and staff:

  • Add funds to your account
  • View your print/copy history
  • Request refunds
  • Scan-to-email
  • Check your print balance

Users with a uniqname can use their uniqname to log in to Campus Computing Sites computers to print. Users without a uniqname must log in to guest computers using the guest login information displayed on the guest computer desktop background. Guest computers are primarily located on the first floor of the Shapiro Library.

Visit the University Tech Shop to Add Funds and Get a Copy Card

Once registered, visit the Tech Shop at one of their campus locations to add funds to your new account. Funds added to your account will never expire. If you already have a uniqname, you can add funds to your MPrint account online by visiting the Tech Shop website!

After you complete your transaction with the Tech Shop, you will be emailed one or more MPrint Credit Codes to redeem, to complete the process of adding funds to your print account. If you have a uniqname, please visit your accounts page to redeem your code(s). If you do not have a uniqname, but instead have a guest account, please fill out the form below to redeem your newly purchased code(s):

Redeem MPrint Credit Codes
+ Add Code
Redeem Reset Form

Please note: all transactions are final! Once you have purchased a MPrint Credit Code, the money cannot be refunded to you. That said, you can request a refund for poorly printed documents or copy jobs. These refunds are processed as credit added to your print account, but will not be returned as cash, check, or credit.

Attach Guest Card to Account

At the Tech Shop, you can also obtain a guest printing card. This card will allow you to make copies, scan-to-email, or easily release Follow Me jobs by swiping the card to login on any Sites printer with an attached card reader. After you are given a guest printing card, please fill out the below form to associate the card to your account.

Attach Card Reset Form

Print from a Sites Computer

Next, log in to a Sites computer. University guests will need to use the dedicated "guest" computers at the various Library locations, and can log in using the Library Guest credentials displayed on the computer's desktop background. Those with a uniqname can use any Sites computer, with their uniqname and password. Printers are already installed, and they are usually located near the computer you are using. Printer names indicate their capabilities—for example, color printers have “color” in their names, and multifunction devices capable of printing, copying, and scanning have “multi” in their names.

When you send a print job to these printers, it will print immediately after any jobs in progress.

Once you select a printer and click Print, enter your guest account username and password in the prompt pictured below (ex. Username: guest-example, Password: Gue5Tpr1ntiNg!).

Guest User Popup

What is Follow Me?
Follow Me is a printing queue that holds jobs for up to 24 hours. When you are ready to pick up your document(s), swipe your guest printing card on any multifunction device equipped with a card reader, touch Jobs Pending Release, and then your job(s) will begin printing. Follow Me is a great solution when you are printing sensitive documents, for example, or when you have many separate pages to be kept together by printing them all at once.

Check your Balance and More

Log into your account page to check your printing balance, view job history, and request refunds. Click Recent Job History to see what you have printed or to request refunds. A filter at the top of the page limits the history to two weeks, but you can change or remove the filter to display older information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which printers can I use?
A. All Sites printers allow guest printing. Once you register a guest account, you may choose from any of the installed printers on your computer, depending on the features you need (e.g., color, duplex, etc.).

Q. Do I need a guest printing card?
A. No. As long as there are funds available in your account, you can send printing jobs from a computer without a guest printing card. To copy, scan, and use Follow Me printing, you must log in to your account at the device, either by swiping a guest printing card or by keying in your account username and password.

Q. How do I get a guest printing card?
A. Visit the Tech Shop at one of their campus locations to obtain a guest printing card. You must add at least $5 to your account balance to be issued a card.

Q. What if I lose my guest printing card?
A. Please email 4HELP@umich.edu to report the lost card, along with the "guest-" username you use for printing. We will disable the card so that if it is found, no one else can use your funds. Visit the Tech Shop at one of their campus locations to obtain a new card by adding a minimum of $5 to your account. If you find the card you lost and have not yet replaced it, you can reattach it to your account using the form above. If you find the card you lost and have already replaced it, please turn it in to the Tech Shop so it can be reused.

Q. What if I forgot my account username or password?
A. If you need assistance recovering your username or resetting your password, please contact 4HELP@umich.edu and provide the email address you used to create the guest account. Someone will follow up with you via that email address to provide your guest account name, and/or reset your password.

Did we forget something? If you have more questions, please contact the ITS Service Center at 734-764-HELP (764-4357) or 4HELP@umich.edu.