MPrint Mobile App

The new MPrint Mobile App changes printing on campus!

  1. Send a document to Follow Me
  2. Launch the MPrint Mobile App
  3. Choose the print jobs you want to release and the nearby printer you want to use
  4. Pick up your document

Download the MPrint Mobile App!
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Download Follow Me!

Visit to install the Follow Me print queue on your computer.

What is "Follow Me"?
Follow Me is a virtual print queue that holds your documents for up to 24 hours, letting you control where and when they get released. Follow Me printing minimizes frustration from accidentally printing to the wrong printer, printing to a device that is jammed or out of toner, or having someone accidentally grab your document before you get to the printer.

Learn more about Follow Me.

How do I print to the Follow Me queue?
The MPrint Mobile app now has built-in functionality to let you upload documents to Follow Me, right from your phone! On Android, you'll see Follow Me in the 'Print' menu of the document, and on iOS, you can simply share the document with the MPrint app. Alternatively, you can print to Follow Me like any other printer—either install Follow Me on your computer by visiting, or upload a document at

How does the MPrint Mobile App work?
The MPrint Mobile App connects to our API to display your list of pending Follow Me jobs, letting you choose which ones you wish to release at that time. Next, it'll move to "queue detection" mode. Using your phone's Bluetooth signal, the app will detect nearby printers available to print your documents. If you don't have Bluetooth, don't want to use it, or it isn't detecting anything, switch to the built-in QR scanner instead, to scan the QR code on any printer label to release your documents.
Note: Release Follow Me jobs by swiping your Mcard on a multifunction device with a card reader, too!

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